Featured Artist: Morgan M. Aldridge

Mo Werks Submitted by Morgan M. Aldridge

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Hey, you over there! What’s up?

So artwork, writing, and taking photos are what gets me through life. It’s my constant companion and really my one true constant since birth. It’s how I see the world, how I communicate with the world, and process this constant state of flux. It’s not perfect, you get the gist, and usually it’s pretty colorful in subject matter…and actual palette colors.

I went to school for Art Therapy, it just made sense to go to school for something I understood and something I believed in. I believe in the power of holistic healing, but being a sensitive person, found dealing with a multitude of clients left both me and my work….scattered and struggling to breathe. So, what do you do? You go to the CIA for a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts! I found that this switch brought my artwork back from the edge and once again it was my release, not my job. Big difference.

I make bread and teach for a living and to pay my bills. I love the math and science behind taking raw ingredients and making an edible product within hours/days, but at the end of the day, what gets me out of bed is art. So there you have it, she’s a sarcastic overly sensitive art chick who makes bread and listens to her music on….11 (Spinal Tap).

I hope you enjoy the show and all the works from the artists---it’s going to be a good time with some good energy.