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Featured Artist: Michael Osadciw

I never thought I’d have a booth at an art show. I never really considered myself an artist. I never went to school for it, and never really made a living at it either. Sure, I’m always making things and being creative all the time, at work and at home, but to me what I did didn’t fit into the modern idea of an “artist.” No artist statements here. However being around more artists the past few years, including working with Artist Row’s very own Sarah Kirchoff, helped me realize I was an artist and encouraged me to get my work out in front of people.

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Featured Artist: Karen Soldwisch

As a teen, I dabbled in simple jewelry design and later found myself drawn to antiques and especially enamored by older jewels.  I became a passionate collector of vintage, seeking out the history and styles of each era.

My first true love was the locket and while I found gorgeous pieces, I also discovered sad little boxes of orphaned pieces; trinkets, baubles and most charming what-nots. They beckoned to come home and I recognized their beauty. I adore timeworn objects obviously loved and the history they hold!

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Entertainment: Barry's Crossing

The celtic duo Barry's Crossing is composed of talented husband and wife team Sean Rosenberry (vocals, fiddle, bodhran, mandolin, whistle, percussion) and Sarah King (vocals, keyboard, accordion, percussion). They're excited to present the next generation of traditional Irish music to this year's Artist Row audience!

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Featured Artist: Nicole Reddington

I am a Landscape Architect by day and an Artist by heart. I am lucky that, in my line of work, I spend a lot of time outside around natural materials – it’s where I collect a lot of inspiration for my artwork. I’m drawn to interesting patterns, textures, organic forms, color combinations, etc. I jot them down “shorthand” – sometimes in a sketchbook or whatever scrap of paper I have on hand. I think of my sketchbooks as an ‘ingredients list’ that I will later use to ‘cook’ with in a painting.

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Featured Artist: Cordell Cordaro

I am a full-time Rochester Artist and the founder of local art magazine Art House Press. My swanky portraits of the bourgeois lifestyle hang in restaurants, galleries and bars across this city and beyond. I used to lug bags around for hours and hours as a skycap. I could see all these people getting on planes and flying off to other places, and I remember thinking that one day I’ll be the one taking the plane and flying off somewhere. That’s when I knew I had to make a something happen. 

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Celebrating the Return of Summit’s Community Canvas!

The Summit Federal Credit Union invites the public to contribute to a Community Canvas at Artist Row Sunday September 18th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the City of Rochester Public Market. The Summit Federal Credit Union is the primary sponsor of Artist Row, a juried art show, sale and event featuring over 200 artists as well as musical entertainment and food trucks. Admission to Artist Row is free.

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