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I really love painting animals and creatures. Why? Because I want you to love them too! Some of my best friends have been my pets and little animals. Some of my best memories are collecting/studying insects and playing with spring time toads. I don't want to grow up either, and I still like dinosaur toys, monsters, and bubbles. We live on a magical planet full of so much beauty and magic, but I am afraid most of us humans are numb to it all.

Drawing and painting has always been my refuge. When life spins out of control, creativity gives you back control and brings you peace. I love the intense and fluid nature of watercolor. I like to create highly saturated, tasty paintings full of vibrant color. I'm a self-taught artist and I hope that I can shed a new and beautiful light on under-appreciated, over looked, and imaginary life forms. Find me on my Facebook page Gia Conti * Fine Arts to see my latest projects or check out my website at www.giaconti.com Rock on !!!