Featured Artist Stephanie Krist

Fired Figments Submitted by Stephanie Krist

S. Krist image I love art shows. I love attending them and I love selling at them. What do I love so much? I love making connections with people – especially as a seller. There is nothing better than meeting and talking to the new owner of one of my pieces. Every interaction inspires me and stays with me. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite customer stories with you. I am a ceramicist and along with my pottery, I sculpt small dragon figures, each rich with their own personalities. I love sending my little guys off to their perfect homes. One bright blue dragon with a curiously tilted head was adopted by a woman who said he reminded her of her cat – how cute! A sleepy baby dragon and her perky counterpart found their new home in a Harry Potter themed nursery. Those dragons were the first gift a mother bought for her baby daughter. I have to say, that really melted my heart. A few dragons have even been adopted by repeat collectors and I love to hear about the family they are joining at home. For a while I sold my dragons through retail, but when I heard one of my big guys sold, I was so sad that I didn’t know who took him home! So, from now on my dragons will be sold exclusively at festivals and at my studio in the Hungerford Building. Only a few of my original edition of dragons are left, but they will all be with me at Artist Row! So come see them and make some memories with me!