Featured Artist: Gary Buck

Everyone says they like my work. A true compliment to the many hours creating any of my artwork. You see, I work in wood and create art pieces using a scroll saw as one of my tools. Each and every piece is cut out on the scroll saw, then sanded and shaped for fitting and then glued to a backing board. buck1

In the piece the Asian Lady, I used the natural wood coloring to achieve the realistic effect. Intarsia or segmentation as it sometimes referred to, dates back to the 17th century.

I enjoy getting my inspiration from many sources, some as esoteric as a coloring book, a tattoo, a stained glass window, a photograph, a hand drawn picture, or just made up in my mind.

The process involves getting an idea and then final manipulation in a computer drawing program. Here, I make sure all the pieces to be cut out are correct. I then print out several copies of the pattern and transfer it to the wood I will be cutting. Then, each piece is sanded and shaped using a rotary tool or shaped by hand. Once I’m happy with the fit, it’s onto staining or painting. From there all the pieces are glued together and finally glued to a backing board for rigidity.


Like the whimsical piece “I Almost Made It”, I took inspiration from the nursery rhyme - The Cow Jumped over the Moon. A lot of work includes some humor and touches of realism like real leather used on dragon wings. Also, many of my pieces are one of a kind, truly unique.


The Carousel Horse was a challenge in that it only uses 8 pieces of wood, There was a lot of shaping involved but I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, I am quite proud of the way it turned out.

Aside from the occasional craft show, you can see all my work on my Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/BucksScrollSaw/. You can also commission me to make something for you from a photograph, like a picture of your dog or cat.