Featured Artist: Cynthia Iannaccone

unnamed I am fascinated by folktales, fairytales, mythology, and the magic they contain.  Many of my paintings have similar characters and themes from these stories. For example, I did an image of Red Riding Hood where she is on a black horse, flying through the sky, high above the Wolf. I work with realism and abstract, either separately or together.

Beyond the subject matter, my painting process sometimes involves texturizing the paint surface with patterns using stencils and gel medium. Occasionally, I collage a few organic things onto the canvas, such as flower petals and leaves, and nonorganic items like paper with handwriting.

One challenge I have is overworking, not knowing when to stop. I’ve ruined a few paintings this way. It’s a long road back to try and fix them. It can be helpful to take photos of the different stages of completion. Or I try and wait a few days before continuing, which gives me a fresh eye to view the work.

Another challenge in the past for me has been working alone. I now have a group of painting buddies and an art studio at the Creative Opportunities for Wellness on Goodman Street. I have my own studio at home, but also have the option to paint with others that give me feedback, encouragement and inspiration.

I teach painting, drawing, calligraphy, and relief printmaking at the Creative Workshop and the Art Store.

You can see some my work at  www.cynthia-iannaccone.blogspot.com and my children’s illustration with a blog at www.cynthiaiannaccone.blogspot.com


All of our 2016 artists are invited to contribute to the Artist Row blog! These blog posts can be on any topic relating to their art: where do they find inspiration? What is their process? What are challenges they run into? If interested in contributing to the blog, please email artistrowrochester@gmail.com.