Featured Artist: Danielle Schnauber

People often tell me my work is “different” or “unique”. I am not offended by this, I take joy in hearing it. Much of what I do is inspired by a combination of nature and cartoons. I like people to be able to look at what I do and smile…or be concerned.


My collection of work ranges from still life and figure drawing to a painting series of food with feet. I like to keep variety in my work but still make sure it is my own. Acrylic paints are usually my medium of choice but I also love drawing with charcoal or pencil. Because I enjoy cartoons and comics so much I also have many drawings with pen and ink in comic book style.

Nature is a big influence on me. Some of my work includes findings from the woods that I will clean and paint including deer skulls, antlers, or other interesting things I stumble upon. I also happen to have a collection of teeth from work (animal hospital) that most people find disturbing, but I find more amazing as it grows.wafflefeet

I just recently finished a two and a half year program for veterinary technology and passed my licensing exam. I have been very busy working, studying, and trying to still make art in the past few years. I am happy to now officially be a vet tech and have more time to make art.

My job probably inspires a large amount of my animal based work. People have asked me to do a few pet portraits, which I always have fun with. I am happy to make someone a lasting memory of their beloved furry friend.

In my free time when I am not working, drawing, or painting you can usually find me playing soccer (or any other kind of sport), hiking, watching movies or cartoons, or going for a run. Staying happy and active keeps my art nice and strange.NomNom

If you would like to see more of my art visit my website: http://schnauberart.weebly.com/

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